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79 Colyton Street, Torquay QLD 4655

Pro Shop

Our pro shop has a wide range of tennis equipment on sale.

  • Racquets
  • Tennis shoes
  • Racquet bags
  • Tennis clothing
  • Tennis balls
  • Accessories (grips, hats, vibration dampeners, etc)
  • Lollies, chips, ice blocks and cold drinks
  • Cappuccino and hot chocolates

Open 3-7pm weekdays (during school terms)

RestringingWilson Baiardo Stringing Machine

Racquets are strung in-house on a Wilson Baiardo stringing machine.  This machine is used at the Australian and US opens.  A 24-48 hour turnaround is available on re-strings if required.

Contact Details - Ace Tennis Hervey Bay

Phone: 0439 723 832 (Leah Harvey)